my newest relationship.

I moved back to Grand Rapids from Ann Arbor in May, a little sad about leaving my job at the time but anxious to be closer to family again. I started a new job in May. I ended a relationship in early July. I bought a house in mid-July, and I’m literally dating my house. It’s stealing all of my money, time, and energy (along with my parents’) – and I also stole that analogy from my brother, who bought a little over a year ago. I laughed when he first said it, and now I TOTALLY understand.

“It’s an investment; it’s an investment, it’s an investment…” Keep telling myself that.

It’s now December, and with MANY thanks to my parents, we’ve successfully updated approximately 85-90% of the house – yes, in 5 months. Five months, thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars, learning to make immediate decisions, having multiple half-finished rooms, non-stop cleaning up dust, celebrating over finished projects. Bonding time with the fam has been worth the sweat, deteriorating bank account, increased stress, and unexpected 7am visits with a kitchen floor sander when you’re hungover like you haven’t been in 6 years.

Totally worth it, they say. But for real. The new carpet and wood floors in all rooms, 4 hours spent tearing off wallpaper, repainting the trim and walls in every room on all 3 floors, renovated kitchen, stained deck and fences and front porch, raking 18 bags of leaves 3 times, re-built front porch, automatic garage door installed, new gutters, new doors, new master bedroom and living room and office and guest bedroom furniture, cleaning and organizing the garage, using a lawn mower for the first time, dealing with a leak in the basement and spending an unexpected $6,000 to get a sump pump installed (after re-painting the entire basement), new interior and exterior light fixtures, removing the sliding glass door from the bathtub, adding a mud room!!!!

Not a bad relationship to be in. And as my brother says, the best part: you get your money back someday 🙂 #fingerscrossed

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