A blog, huh? I’ve thought about starting one for years, but I’m not very funny and I’m not confident I give the best advice, so I’ve always disregarded the thought of it. But, I think too much and I talk a lot (!!!), so here I am anyways. Telling my story, sharing my thoughts, and reliving my adventures – the crazy ones, the boring ones, the sad ones, and the best ones I’ve ever had.

September already? I’ve been back in Grand Rapids for just shy of 4 months now. In those 4 months… I started a new job, ended a relationship, bought a house, reconnected with old friends, struggled getting back into my gym routine, started attending church again, celebrated new houses & new babies & 8 marriages of close friends and family, dropped a pant size, avoided dating, joined a new volleyball league, cried, laughed, and learned so much about myself.

I’m marking this as a season of fresh starts & new beginnings – blogger, homeowner, single woman, weekly church-goer. I also want to start cooking more, so let’s add that to the list.. a cook, but I didn’t say a good one 🙂

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