This has been my hashtag since I moved to the east side of Michigan almost 3 years ago, and it continues to carry so much weight. I use it often and on a variety of life events – on 5 moves in less than 3 years, sporting events, checking out new breweries, broken hearts and happy hearts, meeting new friends and coworkers, going new places, starting new jobs, new relationships and lost loves, traveling back and forth across the state and around the country. Because life is an adventure, every step of it. Whether it seems good or bad at the time, I’ve learned so much about myself and grown more than ever in the last few years.

This specific adventure was beautiful (I’ve been trying to make this trip work for a couple years now.) Lake Tahoe is BEAUTIFUL. And I’m so thankful for the connections I made from that move across the state, which have allowed me to experience this place in the way I did. Airport shuttles, beer & water & vitamin water stocked coolers, local tours around the city, being in 2 places at once, vehicles to travel around the lake, lunches and dinners, boat rides, a place to stay at no cost (thank you, @cbctours, we owe you big time).

The world is such a big, beautiful place. And I’m looking forward to experiencing more and more and more. Here’s to #newadventures 🙂 

Lake Tahoe, 2016

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