In a recent blog post, I made a statement about people. How my trip and reflection about life and love and the world helped me “realize the importance of relationships and people, and connections I’ve made in only a few years. The people I need in this crazy life, and the people I should be spending more time with.”

I’ve always thought a lot about people- their life stories, where they’ve come from and where they are now, what they’ve experienced and been through, their personalities, why they are the way they are, and how they’ve overcome certain things or are still fighting to get over. Their attitudes and ability to see the positive despite the negative; the desire I have to be one of those people all the time- or that others see me that way at least. How you never know what others’ have been through – whether it’s someone you’re sitting next to at a restaurant or on a plane, walking down the street, or the co-worker sitting next to you in that meeting.

And too often, we’re so quick to judge. Judge when we know nothing. Judge when we’ve experienced something we don’t agree with. Judge to make ourselves feel better, to make ourselves feel more superior. I’ve done it, probably more times than I care to admit, and for that, I feel a sense of guilt. (Even though I know for certain I’ve been judged, too.) Either way – I’m sorry to anyone I’ve ever judged, anyone I’ve ever pretended to know when I had no idea what you were dealing with, anyone I’ve ever used as a means to make myself feel better. And thank you – thank you to the people who have made me who I am, helped shape me, taught me things I wouldn’t have learned otherwise, made me realize the type of person I want (or don’t want) to be, given me your time and energy when maybe I didn’t deserve it but probably needed it the most, for sharing your life stories and experiences, for being there.

I heard a song on the radio earlier today. “We all bleed the same. We’re more beautiful when we come together. We all bleed the same. So tell me why, tell me why we’re divided. If we’re gonna fight, Let’s fight for each other. If we’re gonna shout, Let love be the cry. Tell me, who are we. To judge someone, By the kind of clothes they’re wearing, Or the color of their skin? Aren’t we all the same inside? Only love can drive out all the darkness. What are we fighting for? We were made to carry one another. We were made for more.” 

So with that, let’s just say I like people. People make life worth living. And the older I get, the more I realize who my people are- the ones worth fighting for, the ones who fight for me, the new ones I meet that quickly become family, the ones who have never left. And this makes my heart so incredibly full.

[PS. I realize it’s been 8ish months since my last post, but whoa, LIFE. Life happened. More to come later…]

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