So, I finished the book. I can’t begin to explain how perfect the words were and how almost all hit so close to home. (If you haven’t already, go read it now!)

On this trip, I realized the value of slowing down. The good in disconnecting to experience the world around me (although I admit I posted more pictures and checked my phone more than I should have; it’s a slow process.) I realized the importance of relationships and people, and connections I’ve made in only a few years. The people I need in this crazy life, and the people I should be spending more time with.

Reflecting on life, love, my last blog post, and all the adventures and opportunities ahead. I’ve reflected on how I ate entirely too much this vacation and can’t wait to get home and detox.

I thought multiple times a day about how big the world really is. And how I’ve never really felt stuck. Even with the recent purchase of a house and the beginning of a new job, I can go anywhere and I can do anything. So many opportunities in the past, now, and in the future- and for that, I am so incredibly thankful and blessed.

Lake Tahoe, 2016

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